Atlanta Black Fashion Week, a new platform for fashion creatives of color, will host its first fashion week June 14th through the 20th of 2020 in Atlanta Georgia. “We thought it would be so fitting to launch during the week of Juneteenth. We’ll be celebrating freedom, fashion and culture,” said Belinda Vickerson, marketing director. Under the direction of Senior Producer/Creative Director Charlie Hill-Henderson, the week will consist of fashion and beauty educational seminars, networking opportunities, individual shows and popups, and an independent designer’s showcase on Saturday.
Atlanta Black Fashion Week was established to create a more inclusive fashion marketplace by supporting creatives of color, connecting them to a global audience and mainstream opportunities. “We saw a need for more education and more exposure for creatives of color, not just in Atlanta but globally as well. There is a tremendous amount of talent in Atlanta. We want to help them create successful, profitable businesses and connect them directly with the marketplace, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers that have long ignored us.” Belinda Vickerson, Co-founder and Marketing Director of Atlanta Black Fashion Week.
Not just a fashion show, the creatives behind Atlanta Black Fashion Week are building a comprehensive platform to help fashion creatives become fashion entrepreneurs. Part of this initiative includes The Fashion Directory, an online database, where fashion professionals of color, including designers, wardrobe stylists, photographers, models, makeup artists, etc., can list their businesses for free in the directory. “We’re building a global database that allows creatives of color to reach a broader audience and to help consumers find more diverse talent in their area.” The directory is available on the Atlanta Black Fashion Week website,
Driven by interactive events and community building, Atlanta Black Fashion Week promises to shine a spotlight on talented creatives and create new opportunities for growth. For creatives that would like to participate in Atlanta Black Fashion Week, more information can be found on the website under the “Get Involved” tab. Opportunities range from hosting their own show during Atlanta Black Fashion Week, to writing for the website, participating in the shows, or volunteering to help backstage. Please see the website for more information or to contact the Atlanta Black Fashion Week team directly.